Products & Services

  • Preparation of R&D tax incentive registrations.
  • Consultative services to companies in the manufacturing/innovation sector regarding their new products and processes as applied to taxation law, particularly to the R&D tax incentive.
  • Costing of projects
  • Compliance with substantiation requirements of the ATO
  • Clarification and guidance regarding definitions of R&D activities under the law as well as documentation requirements
  • Project planning assistance
  • Technical and strategic outcomes planning assistance as applied to research and Development
  • Assistance with tax implications.
  • Preparation of the R&D schedule for the company tax return
  • Advocacy assistance for compliance activities by the ATO and AusIndustry
R & D Business Services

Our Process:

Our process is personal and professional. You will speak to someone who has been completing R&D tax claims for 18 years and has seen thousands of projects. We don’t expect your project or company to fit a pre-conceived idea of what it should be like. You talk, we listen. The process usually goes like this:

  • We have an initial discussion to confirm whether your company’s projects will fall into the criteria to obtain the R&D tax incentive. Email, phone or Skype can be used to do this.
  • We will give you assistance with appropriate record keeping mechanisms.
  • After the end of the financial year, an in depth interview is conducted to obtain further detailed information on your R&D projects. We can also answer any further queries you may have about other projects you have in mind, see your prototypes, see your workshop and shake your hand. This process is best done face to face and may involve us travelling. Skype is also an option. This interview provides the information we use to write your project descriptions. We want to meet you and get to know you so that we can accurately represent you and describe your efforts. This meeting usually only takes 1.5 hours.
  • We send you some forms to fill out and we help you to do that.
  • We collate data, write project descriptions and do calculations based on information provided by your company.
  • You review and sign-off of submission documents
  • We electronically submit to AusIndustry.
  • Once the application has been approved by AusIndustry, we will take care of the ATO research and development tax incentive schedule for inclusion with your company’s income tax return. This may require consultation with your company tax accountant.

Basically R&D Business Services will take you through the process. You just need to talk to us, provide some costing information and get on with your job of innovating!

R & D Business Services
R & D Business Services