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R&D Business Services is a boutique tax agency that specialises in the R&D tax incentive.

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R&D tax incentives can help your organisation invest in innovation. The R&D tax incentive can provide cash refunds, tax savings and a strategic focus for your business planning. R&D Business Services ensures that your experience registering for the R&D tax incentive is professionally handled.

Why choose us to help you?

  • With 18 years experience dealing with innovation in all sectors of the Australian market, we are amongst the most senior, select few with an extensive depth of knowledge in this field. We have written thousands of project descriptions, costed as many projects and dealt with hundreds of companies. If you select us to handle your affairs then you are choosing to access that knowledge, experience and professionalism.
  • We have a loyal clientele, many of which have been using our services for over a decade. We have exposure to applicable industries and companies, including plastics, construction components and plant manufacturers, transportation vehicles, food, and IT. We assist very large multinationals, small and medium enterprises as well as micro businesses and start-ups.
  • You will have an ongoing relationship with our professionals. No need to explain your business or your project every time to another graduate recruit. We learn to understand your business and ask the right questions.
  • You are not paying for fancy marble foyers and corporate executives. Our corporation is a small business and relies on a personal customer service approach. It is as easy as talking to the professionals who do your registration.
  • The fees we charge are certain. We do a professional job and charge professional fees. R&D Business Services does not charge fees that are dependent upon how much tax you save or the size of your refund. We believe that your efforts are to be incentivised, not ours. This means that whether you spend $20k or $1m on R&D, our fees will be based only on the work we do; not the tax outcome for you.
  • Over the years we have helped many start-ups and believe in assisting them to achieve their innovation dreams. For that reason, getting our help for even small R&D registrations is affordable.
R & Business Services Pty Ltd

How Do We Work?

How do we work?

  • A meeting can be arranged where you can simply describe your R&D activities.
  • We can then write the application, ready for your editing.
  • R&D Business Services will complete the financial costing of your projects for both the AusIndustry registration and for the ATO company tax return.

We expect you to be good at developing your products and processes, not at filling out government forms. You can get on with your projects in the full knowledge that you have experienced, professional, registered R&D tax agents working for you.

Our services include:

  • Tax agent services to companies regarding new products and processes as applied the R&D tax incentive regime.
  • Help with applying your facts to the law.
  • Costing of projects.
  • Compliance with substantiation requirements of the ATO and AusIndustry.
  • Clarification and guidance regarding definitions of R&D activities under the law as well as documentation requirements.
  • Project planning assistance.
  • Technical and strategic outcome planning assistance, as applied to Research and Development.
  • Registration for tax offsets.
  • Assistance with tax offset implications/schedules in tax returns.
  • Advocacy assistance for compliance activities by the ATO and AusIndustry.