Case Studies

R&D Business Services will help you to decide whether your R&D fits the requirements of the legislation. We listen to you describe what you have done, look at any documentation and then ask the appropriate questions that allow for the application of your facts to the law. In most cases, we will write the actual description for you so that you can edit it before registration.

The R&D tax incentive is part of the Income Tax Assessment Act and relies upon self-assessing your eligibility. With our extensive knowledge of the legislation, cases, government guidance and years of experience working with innovators and with R&D projects, we can expertly guide you through the process of making the right decisions concerning registration. The government requires for you to have an arguable case that your R&D fits the legal criteria. We will take you through the process to decide.

Our case studies provide some examples of the types of R&D projects that we have registered over the 18 years we have been R&D tax consultants and agents. These examples may make your own decision process clearer.

(Please note: many details of each project have been altered for confidentiality reasons. Also note that the law has changed over the years and may be different from that which applied when a particular project was registered.)

Registering for the R&D Tax Incentive - Video Case Studies

Registering for the R&D Tax Incentive — The Baking Stuff Case Study

Registering for the R&D Tax Incentive – ENVIROLOO Hypothetical Case Study

Registering for the R&D Tax Incentive – BIOFNATICS Hypothetical Case Study