Tracy-Jayne Webb LLB, MBA

Tracy-Jayne Webb LLB, MBA

Research and Development tax agent and business consultant.

Since 1997 Tracy-Jayne has been specialising in R&D tax and business consulting, servicing over 90 small, medium and large organisations around Australia in a wide variety of industries. She is amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable R&D tax agents in Australia.

Prior to starting her own business in 1997, Tracy-Jayne worked for the Australian Taxation Office, in the audit, review, and human resources areas.

T-J holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Business Administration and is a member of the Taxation Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Management.

She is a registered tax agent for the purpose of the R&D tax regime.

Glenn Martin BSc, MB. Ch B, FRCSC

Research and Development tax and business consultant

Glenn is a working ophthalmologist and scientist.  He is retained by R&D Business Services as  our in house consultant.